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CRM Analysis; Prospect Scoring Analysis; Lead Generation Plan; Sales CRM Integration; Lead Generation Marketing Administrator; Email Marketing Campaign Plan; Email Campaign Creation; Lead Generation Reporting;

Our client is a large multi-national suppliers management business who were looking to improve their leads funnel and have a more joined up function with their sales team to ensure prospect nurturing was taking place. 



SSC went through their current system set up. We have in-house specialists in multiple systems including Pardot, Salesforce and Hubspot. We were able to give an analysis of the current set up and suggest how to enable the system in order to establish a better lead nurturing strategy. 



SSC set up the Pardot system in order to ensure scoring and grading for prospects is properly set up and able to report across multichannel campaigns. SSC also created HTML email templates for campaigns as well as work as the administrator of the system for changes, data cleanse and adhering to GDPR requirements.



Following the changes to Pardot to better suit the businesses needs, reporting on campaign engagement has been clearer and has been able to inform the overall marketing plan, identifying changes needed across the marketing mix. The changes to the system allowed for content to be prioritised based on segmentation and engagement levels. This has improved open rates by 22 %.



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